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Suggested by Team 9.18: @edu918 @Dima_797 @kondratyevdev

'We're introducing a new format of live messages in up-to-date 9:16 size. No more extra clicks!

Now you can record videos, zoom in and zoom out, switch camera from frontal to rear, lock your screen while recording without lifting your finger from the screen.

The neural network identifies the area that needs to be in focus (circle) for you, no need for extra taps. You can edit recorded videos on the spot, add a color correction, or paint something — all in all, a latter-day approach in exchanging messages on the familiar platform.'
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Suggested by @edu918, 'Media files are now part and parcel of new Quiz 2.0, which makes them highly interactive. Moreover, Quiz 2.0 remains in media viewer mode.'
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Suggested by @postuf, 'We have developed a solution for the Telegram client that allows you to hide accounts and open them only using a unique password code (see animated preview). There is no trace of hidden accounts. It is impossible to find out if the messenger has hidden accounts and how many there are. The solution is referred to as Double Bottom.'
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Suggested by @vehtor, 'Hello, I'm a motion designer. I've made a fan-video for Telegram community. Hope you like it 😉'
[email protected]
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Suggested by @cpk_spc, 'Just right after updating my laptop to macOS Big Sur I decided to create a concept of the messenger in a brand-new visual style to correspond the new environment. So, here we are :)'
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Suggested by @VladBrozhyk, 'Would love to have the ability to set mute duration myself, without predetermined options.'
Suggested by @alxlg:

"News" and/or "Photos" tabs in the main view. The News tab shows all the messages in subscribed channels (public and private). "Photos" does the same but shows only photos (and short video?) from channels but with a more Instagram-like UI. There should be an option to view those messages/photos in their channels.

Of course this is supposed to be optional: maybe add "News" and/or "Photos" from current tabs editor. It would also be nice if Telegram prompt users with many channels with something like "It looks like you subscribed to many channels, do you like to display updates from them in their own tab?"
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Suggested by @iceled:

'Notifications Chat — all communication-related notifications in one place: replies to your comments, sent scheduled messages and notifications about the start of a Voice Chats you have subscribed to. You can get into it from the chats list and side menu.

Service notifications that come now will continue to exist, but they will only send account login codes, account login information, codes for authorization on sites via telegram, newsletters about updates and other service messages not directly related to communication.'
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Suggested by @iceled and @TierOhneNation:

'The Waiting Room could be useful for managing access to the voice chat. Open the Waiting Room by tapping three dots in main Voice Chat screen and you can see who is awaiting for approval to your Voice Chat. From there you can decide if you want to let people in or block them (per person or in batch).'
A competition for UI designers (Android) is going to be announced within the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!
🏆 New contest for Android Designers!

Prize fund: at least $30,000 – from which the 1st place winner will receive $10,000 if any submissions qualify for the 1st prize.

Task: Develop a comprehensive concept of voice and video calls for Telegram X on Android that includes one-on-one calls, as well as group calls in voice chats.


Deadline: 23:59 on August, 1 (Dubai Time)

Who can take part: Anyone.

How to submit: @ContestBot will start accepting archives with submissions closer to the deadline.
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Suggested by @satuurn5,

'Feed is a new tab that allows you to watch all the posts from your feeds at once. You can sort the posts in the feed by date, views and comments. The feed supports folders, so you can group your channels by certain characteristics, such as a news channels or a sports channels. The concept also introduces the new #headlines feature, which groups all the posts in the feed for the day and displays them as scrollable cards with a picture and the first lines of the post. All of these features make viewing content from your channels as productive as possible and ensure you don't miss any news.'
Android Profile Redesign.png
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Suggested by @iceled,

'In the current implementation, profiles on Android have several problems. For example, creating a Voice Chat is possible only through the pop-up menu. Also, the button to go to the discussion group of the channel and the button to open a chat with the person are similar, and this can be confusing for users.

Too many interface elements are being used, such as icons at the top (and there can be up to 3 of them nearby), a round icon for switching to a chat / discussion group, and a toggle switch for managing notifications.

In my implementation, many actions can be performed by clicking on the identical buttons, which greatly simplifies the user interface. For most actions in the profile, you will need to make just one click.'
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Suggested by @menakhovsky, 'Long text is not designed to read from the bottom, so I suggest to make an additional button to scroll to the top of the post.'
🏆Android Design Competition 2021: Results

We are happy that 47 designers from all over the world chose to participate in the
Android Design Competition.

Unfortunately, none of the design concepts met the ideal submission criteria required for🥇1st Place.

Each of the🥈2nd Place entries would require a substantial amount of work and considerable polishing to make the submission suitable for use in future Android Developer contests.

Even though no submission could be awarded🥇1st Place, we decided to increase the prize fund by another $18,000 to properly reward all the efforts that went into this content.

Congratulations to the winners!

2nd PLACE – $2,500
🥈Grim Shark
🥈Clever Cow
🥈Happy Squid
🥈Mighty Unicorn
🥈Tactful Turkey
🥈Keen Pony
🥈Busy Phoenix
🥈Eager Jackal

3rd PLACE – $2,000
🥉Crazy Peacock
🥉Tall Mantis
🥉Kind Parrot
🥉Dreamy Leopard
🥉Mad Spider
🥉Cute Lemur

4th PLACE – $1,000
🎖Huge Puffin
🎖Groovy Ladybird
🎖Swift Shark
🎖Little Otter
🎖Groovy Fox
🎖Fit Wolf
🎖Stone Ant
🎖Holy Eagle
🎖Night Gnat
🎖Groovy Mink
🎖Savvy Swan
🎖Stone Swallow
🎖Hardy Bull
🎖Sunny Swan
🎖Sexy Leopard
🎖Tanned Cat

All the above winners also get the opportunity to prove their skill in the second stage of the design contest, which ends on January 22, 2022.
We invite all 30 winners of the design contest to take part in the second stage of the competition – to design the main screens of a native Telegram app for Windows 11.

Prize fund: 40,000 USD
Deadline: January 22, 2022 @ 23:00 Dubai Time
Who can take part: All 30 winners of the first stage
Announcement of results: January 30, 2022
Goal: Design main screens for the Windows 11 native Telegram app in accordance with the newest guidelines of Windows 11 and using the latest approaches of that platform (e.g. blurred backgrounds). The mockups and functionality shown should also be consistent with the Telegram apps on other platforms.

The screens that are necessary to design:

- Chat list with all types of chats shown (channels, groups, secret chats, bots)
- Chats with all types of messages shown (voice and video messages, videos, photos, polls, documents)
- The UI to send files/media and add captions to them.
- The UI to record voice and video messages.
- Voice/Video chats and 1-to-1 calls
- Main settings and Chat settings

To check out what a native Windows Telegram app looks like, you can try Unigram @unigramappx. It is possible that the best design solutions will be implemented into Unigram. To check the functionality of Telegram desktop apps, please refer to