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Often, when working in poorly lit rooms, it becomes necessary to also lower the brightness of the monitor. But what if the minimum acceptable brightness still burns out the eyes? I have collected several applications that solve this problem.

Matrix or barcodes are found on almost every corner. Not surprisingly, they have many useful applications in trade, postal logistics and many others.

If everyone can read and create a QR code, what about the rest? There is the Barquode Android app for that .

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Let's say you made a cool video and want to add subtitles to it, but you don't want to decode the text yourself, set timings and perform other activities. Or you are just a hearing impaired person and want to watch some kind of video, you obviously want to create subtitles for it automatically. Fortunately, I have a solution.

Sonix is an online service for automatically transcribing videos, translating text into more than 40 languages, and creating subtitles.

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When using a smartphone, day by day it will accumulate unnecessary files: temporary folders, error reporting, the debug folder, 100500 files of an unknown format, and more. All this slows down your device, and this is particularly obvious if you have a weak gadget.

SD Maid Review: an application to clean the system
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Usually in my posts, when I wanted to show some possibilities in motion, I added a GIF. After that, the page began to load indefinitely, or the gif was made "for a potato" and nothing was clear.

Relatively recently, I moved to a cool platform that allows you to add a normal video to your site without sacrificing page weight. And this is just my example of a home site owner.

And if you work in a team or you need a full cycle of work with video: recording, hosting, analytics, SDK, then you need something more serious. I want to talk about such a service today.

StoryXpress is a service for recording and hosting video with the ability to embed it on the site.

On the main page, the service presents four main features. I will walk along them.

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TikTok recently passed the one billion user mark, which means you definitely need to download clips from there offline. And it would be nice to do it massively and automatically. Well ... Here is the solution to this problem.

Qoob Clips is an application for Windows and macOS that will help you view and download clips and music from public and private TikTok accounts, back up your account, and monitor other people's accounts.

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How often have you followed a link to a YouTube video and instead received a "Video not available" stub. This happens to me regularly.

How can you find out what was in the video and understand the reason for its removal? For this, a special extension was created.
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The chances that your favorite website or application will be blocked increases every day. Add to this the unavailability of some services in your country and we get the need to install a VPN.

In this article I want to talk about a little-known (at least this is the first time I hear about it) VPN service that provides not only access to VPN through its application, but also support for OpenVPN and Socks5 Proxy - PrivadoVPN.

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Quickly diagnosing your own smartphone can help save not only time but also money. To do this, you do not even need to have special knowledge or have specialized devices. It is enough to install one program.

Testy is an application for Android devices that helps you quickly check the operation of your smartphone’s sensors and displays the result in graphs.

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Often, for work, it is required to collect part of the correspondence in a separate folder, which requires not only time, but also a lot of effort. With this extension, you can simplify the whole process.

Export Emails to Google Docs by cloudHQ will help you automatically or manually save emails from Gmail to Google Docs along with attachments.

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Push notifications are much more convenient than standard SMS. But they have a huge con: after closing you can’t see them.

Unnotification can help you access private Push notifications and reopen them.

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Marketers love polls. And not only them. And many people use Google Forms as their primary form design solution. There is a set of features you need, and it's free. Why look for alternatives?

Experienced users know that a service from Google may not have exactly the feature that needs to be implemented in your form. Therefore, there are alternatives, and there are many of them. For example, the service that will be discussed in this post.

Cognito Forms is a web service for creating and managing surveys and forms, where you will find professional tools for collecting and analyzing data, automation, accepting payments and much more.

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There are a lot of cool games coming out, and that's good. It's bad that you need to find money somewhere for them. And this problem is especially relevant for console players. In this post, I have collected several services that will help you track discounts on games for popular platforms.
#Chrome #Firefox

It is no secret that any services are trying to collect as much information as possible about you. Fortunately, many popular services have alternatives that try to collect less of this data.

And with the Privacy Redirect extension, you can automate this process. The extension is available for Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers.

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Export call history can be useful in many situations. You can print out or collect them into a handy table for analysis. Using these two applications you can easily make a copy of calls with Android or iOS to the computer.

After switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11, I begin to notice more and more little things that accumulate in one big lump and annoy me.

I'm one of those weird people who like to move the Taskbar to the side or top. Surprise surprise in Windows 11 can no longer be done this way.

The taskbar in Windows 11 was built from scratch based on Edge WebViews, and at the same time it lost some of the familiar and important features for users. Believe it or not, now you can't just grag'n'drop the application to the taskbar. It is impossible to grag'n'drop a file to an application in the taskbar to open it.

There is no solution to this problem, but there are several workarounds with varying levels of convenience. I'll tell you about each of them.

Windows 11 seems to have removed all the familiar features from the Taskbar. Some of them can be noticed immediately, and some only when using two monitors.

One of these features will be the clock on the second monitor in the Taskbar. They no longer exist on Windows 11.

How to return the clock to the taskbar on a second monitor in Windows 11