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Weekly Newsletter of Tah - Revue

What are the reversal patterns and how to trade on them correctly to make a profit and find the best entry points into the market?

Weekly newsletter of Tah Tor - Issue #1

Traders who want to earn hundreds of dollars a month are always disappointed in their expectations.
If you're earning an average of 2 to 5% profit per month, then you're doing it right.
Building the ultimate portfolio - CherepahaFXのブログ:楽天ブログ

then you need to understand that choosing too big number of robots can have negative effect.
Choosing top 5 forex trading robots will bring much higher profit, but it is impossible to know in advance if some from this 5 will fail.
When you choose such porftolio for exemple - ​ forex robots ​

Edi Geleq

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Wonder Ground

I have more than 20 years professional experience in trading forex , stocks and comodities.
When the rules are so clear - they can be programed and trading robots can be used.
During the years i have found the benefits of using strict trading strategies with clear rules over the trading just some specific situations.



There is a certain way to find the best forex trading robots , but you need to walk the entire path to find it.
You need to proove to yourself that manual trading leads to failure and you need matematically proven  PMO.

Ali Aliev Aliev | Angel Investor | Wefunder

Ali Aliev Aliev | Angel Investor | I have a lot of experience in research and developing robots that can trade independently on the forex market.

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Presentations and Templates by Ali Aliev

It is not just enough to have good skills , but you need to have also the ability to analyze the market conditions and read when an expert advisor is about to fail.
There are signs which are clearly visible in the trading robot performance , and the equity which it is achieving.


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The forex robt is an independent machine that is using sophisticated techniques to analyze the market data and take its own decisions.
What will be the difference in the achieved results from 1 month , 6 months and 12 months.
Thats why often when we have a open position in the forex market the robot may skip any other open signals.

Forex Con

It will describe the advangtages for using expert advisors , and speciialy building a portfolio of forex trading robots .
So knowning the methodology to develop new will help a lot in the forex results.
The event will focus on preparing the individuals to enter the forex market safely.


The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project.

Wonder Ground

When the rules are so clear - they can be programed and trading robots can be used.
During the years i have found the benefits of using strict trading strategies with clear rules over the trading just some specific situations.
I have more than 20 years professional experience in trading forex , stocks and comodities.

Ali Aliev

There is no faster way to monetarize the work than using it in trading markets.


When a market becomes predictable it will stop exist or become unpredictable.
The reason for that is that there is no way for everybody to start using the financial markets as a job.

Trung tâm hỗ trợ Doanh nghiệp

So this means that forex trading robots must be used.
Our brain is always going to loose the battle in predicting the market.
Even if the forex market was a predictable market , then predicting it will affect it and it will again become unpredictable.

5 Obligations To Keep On Sunday
EUR/USD Bullish Sentiment Increases: Long At 1.1390

The Federal Reserve signaled it would not hike interest rates this year amid a slowing economy and announced a plan to end its balance sheet reduction program by September.
Fed policymakers project GDP growth to slow to 2.1% this year from the previous forecast of 2.3%, while the unemployment rate is forecast at 3.7%, slightly higher than the December projection.
Inflation for the year is now seen at 1.8%, compared to the Fed's forecast in December of 1.9%.
The U.S. central bank reiterated its pledge to be "patient" on monetary policy, and said it would start slowing the reduction of its holdings of Treasury bonds in May, lowering its monthly cap to USD 15 bn from USD 30 bn.

EUR/USD Broke Above 1.1270, Next Resistance At 1.1327

A key argument for providing the loans is to roll over a previous TLTRO facility and avoid a sudden reduction in the ECB's balance sheet.
Market Overview With growth slowing and business confidence fading
, the ECB announced new stimulus measures last week to prop up a still-fragile economy, promising to put off raising interest rates and to give banks access to more multi-year loans from the central bank.
The ECB said the economy was still far stronger than a few years ago, so any support should be less generous, reflecting healthier fundamentals.

Gold Hinges On Fed Interest Rate Decision

If the FOMC commentary turns out dovish, gold may even break this resistance opening the way to USD 1280.
The gold price may show no clear direction until Wednesday, as investors are awaiting clues on the future Fed interest rate path.
The nearest level where traders are likely to take profit is located at 26800 pts.

Analysis & Opinion by MyFXspot research on - Page 2

1.1370 USD/JPY: short opened at 108.50, take profit at 105.50, stop-loss
1.1255 USD/CAD: short at 1.3350, take profit at 1.3010, stop-loss

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Rangleklods preview upcoming LP straitjacket with new single “Schoolgirls”

The band, formed of Danish musicians Esben Nørskov Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, are set to unleash the follow up to 2012's Beekeeper soon, already tantalising our ear-buds with "Lost U" 19-year-old award-winning photographer

Watch: Rangleklods - Straitjacket - Ja Ja Ja

The hotter than hot pairing of Esben Nørskov Andersen & Pernille SmithSivertsen, debuted onto the music scene in 2011 with their shockingly brilliant Home EP and without missing a pulsating beat, has since become an experimental tour-de-force across the Euro electro-techno music scene.
This year has seen Danish duo Rangleklods become one of the star attractions of the Nordic musical skyline.
Interestingly, Rangleklods have partnered their latest release with a mini-rockumentary type visual.
Danish duo Rangleklods return to present the visual accompaniment to their latest album's title track...

COLD YEARS release new single ‘Too Far Gone’

I've always felt like a lot of the songs on this record were about things that were gonna come in the future
Rather than succumb to the pitfalls that laid waste to previous generations, however, he poured all of his grievances into his band's debut showcase, Paradise – 13 songs of passion and belief that unapologetically breathe the redemptive fire of rock'n'roll.
Aberdeen quartet Cold Years have today released 'Too Far Gone,' the latest track to be lifted from the band's highly anticipated, forthcoming debut album, Paradise ( pre-order "Too Far Gone came from being in a pretty bad place, not knowing what the future was going to hold and being alone," says frontman Ross Gordon.
Cold Years frontman Ross Gordon's near-nihilistic take on the town where he was born goes further still, almost three decades and a generation later.

Cold Years Have Released A Brand New Single

A Sunshine-Speckled New Track 'Big Cat Judgement Day' WATCH:
Waterparks' Dizzying Video For Their New Track 'Numb'
Next Week Kid Kapichi Have Released A Gripping Video For Their Track 'Violence' With Confidence Have Released

COLD YEARS release new single 'Life With A View' from their debut album 'Paradise' out Sep 4th - Circuit Sweet

Cold Years have released 'Life With A View,' the latest track to be lifted from the band's highly anticipated debut album, Paradise.
"I wrote this song when I was in a really bad place, and it essentially is a piece of advice," says frontman Ross Gordon.
Rather than succumb to the pitfalls that laid waste to previous generations, however, he poured all of his grievances into his band's debut showcase, Paradise –13 songs of passion and belief that unapologetically breathe the redemptive fire of rock'n'roll.
Considering the unforgiving, harsh, and often dismal depths from which Paradise was born, it's an album that strives for optimism, and Cold Years know who they are and staying true to their roots.

MadMan pubblica il video di "Doppelganger"

In attesa del suo nuovo album che uscirà l’11 settembre, MadMan mette Doppelganger in pre order su iTunes, e dà la possibilità di scaricare la titletrack del disco. Il brano in questione, “Doppelganger” prodotto da Ombra, è stato anche accompagnato da un video che vede la regia di Antonio Chiricò che trovate qui sotto. (Pasquale …
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Efma, Microsoft and Avanade Announce Major Fintech Initiative

This has been slowly easing as a result of growing collaboration aimed at reducing regulatory barriers and increasing banking sector efficiencies across Europe.
Within a year Holland Fintech managed to create a network of 68 companies, in addition to a number of partnerships with other countries.
The UK still leads the way in Europe with 60% of all European fintech startups based in the country.
Similarly to CFIR, Holland Fintech is aimed at creating an internationally connected ecosystem to enable maximum acceleration and adoption of fintech.

Efma and partners announce award winners at the first Efma Fintech Awards - Efma

The jury, comprised of 48 highly regarded banking and insurance executives, selected four of the best fintech solutions within the following categories: Business Banking; Distribution and Marketing; Insurance; and PFM-Payment.
The Fintech Portal connects fintechs with retail banks and insurance companies and acts as a repository of the best-in-class fintech solutions from across the globe.
Efma, Microsoft, Avanade and their partners BNP Paribas, Groupe BPCE, Deutsche Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, ImaginBank and Santander have given awards to six fintech firms during the Efma Distribution Summit in London.

Banks Wary of ‘Toxic’ Fintech Unicorns

Banks want to do business with Fintechs and vice-versa, and the party is just starting. Let’s make sure no toxic ingredient poisons the punch bowl.

Avanade y Microsoft abordan las soluciones fintech

Introduce tu dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña si ya eres usuario registrado de Computing o de alguna otra publicación de BPS.
Durante el Efma Distribution Summit 2016, celebrado en Londres, la European Financial Management Association (Efma), Avanade y Microsoft lanzaron un nuevo portal centrado en soluciones fintech, respaldados por BNP Paribas, grupo BPCE, Deutsche Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, ImaginBank y Santander.
La iniciativa de las principales empresas fintech también recibe el respaldo de BNP Paribas, Grupo BPCE, Deutsche Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, ImaginBank y Santander.

Banks Wary of ‘Toxic’ Fintech Unicorns - BPI - The destination for everything process related

Ideally banks would like their business partners, Fintechs included, to be well managed, well governed and low risk.
High profile flame-outs, such as toxic Fintech Powa in February, demonstrate the potential risks of dealing with a startup – which by definition of Lean Startup 's Author Eric Ries is "a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

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